Error running DADA2

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I am attempted to run the DADA2 sequence quality control steps on my data using the following code on a cluster running 2017.8.

qiime dada2 denoise-paired \
  --i-demultiplexed-seqs demux-paired-end.qza \
  --p-trunc-len-f 0 \
  --p-trunc-len-r 0 \
  --o-representative-sequences rep-seqs2.qza \
  --o-table table2.qza

I have added the error file I received, as well as the log that contains the actual errors below. Any suggestions on how to move forward would be greatly appreciated!

QIIME2-DADA2-Attempt1e47_4793.txt (330 Bytes)
qiime2-q2cli-err-jgrosodj.txt (2.3 KB)

  • Sirtaj Singh
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Actually, I should apologize as I forgot to mention that I ran the following code as well in the same instance, which may be the actual source of the error:

qiime demux summarize \
  --i-data demux-paired-end.qza \
  --o-visualization demux2.qzv
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Thanks for the followup command @Sirtaj-Singh, that summarize command is actually where the error is coming from! This error is actually coming from matplotlib, which we use behind the scenes for some work here. There are a bunch of posts on the forum about fixing this problem, here is one I grabbed off the stack. Keep us posted!
Thanks! :t_rex:

Ahhh, I had searched for similar errors related to DADA2, but I did not realize it could be an issue with the summarize function. Thanks a ton!

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