Error: QIIME 2 plugin 'gneiss' has no action 'ols-regression'.

Hi support, Im having trouble with the gneiss plugin. I was able to use gneiss ilr-phylogenetic, but it fails when I run gneiss ols-regression. Am I missing some part of the plugin?

qiime gneiss ilr-phylogenetic \

–i-table table.qza
–i-tree mafft-fasttree-output/rooted_tree.qza
–o-balances balances.qza
–o-hierarchy hierarchy.qza

Saved FeatureTable[Balance] to: balances.qza
Saved Hierarchy to: hierarchy.qza

qiime gneiss ols-regression \

–p-formula group
–i-table balances.qza
–i-tree hierarchy.qza
–m-metadata-file LRRK2_metadata.tsv
–o-visualization regression_summary.qzv

Error: QIIME 2 plugin ‘gneiss’ has no action ‘ols-regression’.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Lewis, ols-regression has been deprecated in the latest release. We recommend to checkout out aldex2, songbird or ancom for differential abundance instead.

That being said, ols-regression is still available in previous versions (2019 or before).

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Thank you for the reply and feedback!

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