Error in using q2-picrust2 plugin

My situation is as follows:
I created a QIIME2-2023.2 environment using conda on the server and installed the corresponding version of qiime2-2023.2.
Following the q2 picrust2 Tutorial, I installed the q2-picrust2 plugin in this environment.
Everything went smoothly.

However, when I typed:
qiime picrust2 full-pipeline --help
I got an error message:
Error: QIIME 2 has no plugin/command named 'picrust2'.

Does anyone know where the problem might be? If it's a developer issue, can I install an older version of the q2-picrust2 plugin to continue my project analysis?

Best regards.


Hello @jjj33,

It looks like the picrust2 plugin may have not installed properly.

To confirm that you have the plugin installed, activate the appropriate conda environment, and then do: conda list q2-picrust2 and make sure it's listed. You can share the output here if you're unsure.

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Hi dear @colinvwood ,
Thanks for helping!! I typed the command you suggest, and here's the output:

# packages in environment at /lustre1/g/tools/anaconda3/envs/qiime2-2023.2:
# Name                    Version                   Build  Channel
q2-picrust2               2023.2                   py38_0    gavinmdouglas

So I guess the plugin was installed?

Hi @colinvwood
I don't know why, but the plugin can run smoothly now. Anyway, thanks for your help and have a good day! Should I delete this topic?


Hi @jjj33,
I think that your env was cached and so even though picrust2 was installed, qiime did not know that.

No need to delete the topic! Glad its working!

Hi @cherman2
Hit the nail on the head! That's the issue I encountered! rofl

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