Error during Installing Picrust2 plugin (?)

Dear developers and experts,

I just tried to install q2-picrust2 on my qiime2 2021.4. I have followed instruction from this page: Manually install QIIME 2 plugin · picrust/picrust2 Wiki · GitHub
After reaching step for refreshing qiime2 cache, I think I got an error message. The error message as shown below:

Is there something wrong during my installation? Or this is a common things after manually install q2-picrust plugin?
Thank you in advance.

I also had this error. Unfortunately picrust2 is only compatible with qiime2-2019.10 so you'd have to create a new environment with that version of qiime2
and then use the steps given from the manual

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Thank you. I will try it first to create the older QIIME2 version (2019.10). Hopefully everything will goes well.

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