Error during importing data in importing guide file

i am in the first step in learning qiime, i am new in the field of bioinformatic and microbiome analysis.
i tried to import data in the (importing guide) file but failed,qiime give me that error but i cant understand what is the problem an how to solve it
this is the attached picture>

also, i tried to use curl and get error

may the error be due to a problem in installing virtual box?

Hi @arar,

Welcome! It’s a fun field, but sometimes it can be a little bit challenging. To clarify, are you working with the moving pictures tutorial data or your own data?

If its the moving pictures, could you use the ls -al command to list the contents of the emp-single-end-sequences directory?

Otherwise, could you describe how you generated your data?



yes,moving picture toturial
these 2 screenshots show the content of **emp-single-end-sequences** directory

sorry, i think the third picture is that you ask

when i type ls -la it say no such file or directory

Could you try ls -al please? It looks like the last version missed the flag

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