Error during beta-diversity visualization

Dear experts,

I have a problem during visualization of beta-diversity analysis result (using braycurtis parameter) as shown in attached figure. The result couldn't be viewed as QIIME2 metadata It would be so helpful if someone can help me with this because I'm relatively new with QIIME2. I used QIIME2 2019.10 to perform my works.

Hi @fhermanto96!
Here are a couple things to consider:

  1. It looks as though you’re using qiime diversity beta to create a bray curtis distance matrix that you already have. (See the outputs from qiime diversity core-metrics-phylogenetic)
  2. The error message you are getting, “result couldn’t be viewed as QIIME 2 metadata”, is telling you that distance matrices cannot be viewed as metadata. You could probably tabulate your bray_curtis_pcoa_results.qza (also produced by core-metrics), but I’m not sure that’s what you’re going for.

What is your goal in trying to tabulate your distance matrix? Have you considered using downstream tools like qiime emperor plot to visualize your beta diversity data? The moving pictures tutorial gives a high-level look at some things you can do downstream of core-metrics, if you haven’t checked that out yet.


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Thank you @ChrisKeefe, that was very helpful for me. The data from core metric analysis is sufficient to reach my aim during this analysis. Sounds embarrassing but as a beginner I will learn more about Qiime2. Thank you!


Nothing to be embarrassed about, @fhermanto96. QIIME 2 is a powerful tool, but it takes a while to learn. See ya round the forum, pardner. :cowboy_hat_face:

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