Emperor Plots Not Opening in QIIME 2 Studio


I am running QIIME 2 2018.4 in an an Oracle Virtual Box 5.2.12. I ran the Diversity Core Metrics from the Moving Pictures tutorial using some of my data. However, when I try to open up any of the visualizations in QUIIME 2 Studio I just get an image of the Emperor logo. Can anyone help me to visualize these plots? Thanks!

Hey there @dwh2102 — that sounds like your Virtualbox isn’t configured for 3d/hardware rendering. You might not be able to enable that feature, though, since it does require physical hardware to support (seems like most modern computers do have some kind of card these days capable of this). You can double check the documentation for virtualbox at virualbox.org for more info on how to enable that (we don’t make virtualbox, so we probably aren’t in the best position to provide specific help here).

You could also view the visualization on another computer capable of 3D rendering.

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