emperor plot image for publication

Hello all,

I am working on making my emperor plots ready for publication.
I am happy with my results for each figure, but I was wondering if there is any way to standardize the angle of the 3D figure? I have a figure 1 A (Bray curtis) and 1 B (Unweighted unifrac) and I am struggeling manually to get them to match. The lengths of the axes look a bit different, and the size of the figure as well. The differences are not very lage, but large enough for it to bother me.
I have rotated them manually and I have saved the image as PNG by wrigth clicking on the image.

Thanks for any suggestion!

Did you try to set all settings for one plot (size, colors, axes), then click on the settings icon in the right upper corner of plot area and save current settings. It will create a .json file that can be loaded in another or the same plot at any time. Length of the axes though can be different, but it may still work

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