Emperor not working in VirtualBox qiime2 2017.12

I have installed the VirtualBox image 2012.12 and it is running quite well.
Many visualisations obtaine by the ‘core-metrics-results’ can be displayed correctly in the q2studio correctly, but the emperor style qzv visualisations are not displayed at all. The image displays only the emperor logo.

I have checked the the installed firefox has activeted WebGL, but does not solve the poblem.
If I download the qzv files to my windows pc, extract and look at it in Firepox, the emperor graphs are displayed correctly.

Any suggestion what I should edit in Ubuntu to get emperor plot running?

Best regards

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Hi @arwqiime,

This is going to come down to where and how Electron (the backend of q2studio) handles its webkit browser. It sounds like something is funky with its WebGL. I remember playing around with emperor inside of q2studio (on a non-vbox installation) a while back and it worked fine. I think you may have run into this electron bug.

There’s not much we can do about it at the moment I think. So I would stick with just looking at those visualizations in Firefox/q2view (or extracting like you’ve done, but that’s more work :wink: )

Actually, is there anything you can tweak related to your graphics card configuration in VirtualBox? Maybe there’s some switch you could try flipping to see if that helps (as a total shot in the dark).

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