Emperor Animations not loading


I have an emperor qzv file that I am trying to make an animation selecting a categorical variable (Class) as gradient, and using my time point (Day) as trajectory but nothing is happening. Any ideas on what am I doing wrong?

My browser is Firefox.

bray_curtis_emperor.qzv (827.4 KB)

Thank you in advance!


Hi @JoaoGabrielMoraes,
The emperor plot works, you’re just not choosing appropriate metadata files. Check out this tutorial on how you can pick appropriate variables.
Essentially, you want to be putting your Day category as the gradient, and trajectory should be something like your subject IDs (not to be confused with sample IDs). So you would have at least 2 identical subject IDs so they can be connected through Day.


Problem solved! Thanks again @Mehrbod_Estaki .

Best, Joao

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