EMP protocols are published on protocols.io

Dear forum members,

I’ve worked with the folks at protocols.io to publish five EMP protocols on their site. Each protocol has been assigned DOIs and therefore can be permalinked in your papers, proposals, etc. With these versions as a starting point, the protocols can be forked and versioned to include newer modifications or corrections.

EMP 16S Illumina Amplicon Protocol - https://t.co/kUSWE8N2Sd
EMP 18S Illumina Amplicon Protocol - https://t.co/Q7sTVootVl
EMP ITS Illumina Amplicon Protocol - https://t.co/v36qkzBLpA
EMP DNA Extraction Protocol - https://t.co/Rfv9rPfMzR
EMP Sample Submission Guide - https://t.co/YsEvH5XHvB