dropbox links suddenly not working with view.qiime2.org?

Anybody else out there having an issue with your shared DropBox links not working anymore with view.qiime2.org?
Thank you, m a r t i n

Hi @MartinLubell - several of us just tested this integration out and didn't observe any issues. Do you have any browser plugins/extensions that might be preventing cross-site requests? For example, NoScript.

Thanks for responding so quickly! Let me check on my Mac about cross-site checking, I know there is a setting about that. Or, it might have to do with having a link from my AirTable: https://airtable.com/shrWBvIpeUT6GghuI It was working a week ago, maybe AirTable changed something?

Those links in your airtable all load fine for me - double check on another browser or network or machine.

Thanks so much Matthew! I'll figure it out from here. You can close this issue : )

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