draw histogram plot of bacteria relative abundance from Qiime taxanomy result?

Dear Friends, I am trying to draw plots like this:

for the bacterial phyla, family and genus level for all samples. I have this taxonomy barplot from qiime analysis:
ww-DNA_1to11_paired-end-demux-trimmed_dada2-rep-seqs_taxonomy_barplot.qzv (365.8 KB)

Can you please tell me how can I generate the histogram plot from the taxonomy data I have from Qiime? Or any other way please let me know.


Just to make sure we are on the same page, that plot is a stacked barplot, not a histogram.

It also has an error: how do you have > 1 relative abundance in the “POU deposit”? (I am not asking a question that I want answered, just pointing out that something went wrong)

That barplot can be interactively collapsed at phylum, family, and genus level.

You are asking for a solution outside of QIIME 2 — there are many possibilities! Looks like the plot you provided is in excel, so I assume that is your preferred venue. You should:

  1. export the data from the QIIME 2 barplot visualization
  2. open in Excel. You will have an observation matrix of samples X taxa. Use excel’s stacked barplot chart function to make the plot you desire.

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