Does Qiime2 support Pacbio for the time being?


I am wondering if Qiime2 does support the analysis of Pacbio generated sequences?


Hello Eman,

As of today, the q2-dada2 QIIME 2 plugin does not support long reads, but folks are working on it!

DADA2 itself does support Pacbio reads, as shown in this tutorial, so one options is to process data using DADA2, then import those into QIIME 2 for downstream analysis.

I hope this helps!


Hello Colin,

So, the only way, for the time being, is to use DADA2 in R, however, I do not know why they process each replicate separately in the tutorial. I hope Qiime releases the new plugins concerning Pacbio technology very soon. Qiime people make our life much easier!

Many thanks!


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