does q2-itsxpress remove 5.8S from full ITS amplicons?

Wonderful tutorial!
I just have one question :If I choose region All for my sequences with containing the whole ITS region (from ITS1 to ITS2) ,will 5.8S region still in the trimmed sequences?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Need your help man

Yes all leaves in the 5.8S.

A word of caution though, typical Illumina 2x300 sequencing is not long enough to span the full ITS region for many fungi. If you use the all option for Illumina reads you are likely to have very low rates of merging and very few trimmed reads output by ITSxpress.

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Sorry, I don’t understand your issue. Please provide more information if you need help.

@sixvable - this post is being locked because you are cross-posting, which is disruptive to other participants on the forum. I will follow-up with more details in a private DM to you.

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