Does disabling error correction lead to a loss of reads?

Does this approach (i.e. not running error correction due to having 10nt barcodes) result in a loss of data if an error is present in a bar code?

Hey there @wlandesman!

In short, yes. Demultiplexing using an exact match approach. Check out this post I recently wrote on the topic.

I hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply! Are there options out there for working with 10bp barcodes?

You can use the emp-* methods in q2-demux or the demux-* methods in q2-cutadapt to demultiplex barcodes of any length, but for Golay barcode error correction, we currently only support EMP barcodes, which are 12nts long.

OK that's what I thought. Funny you should mention cutadapt - just tried that for the first time yesterday for cutting off my adapters. Thanks again!

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