Does demux summarize summarize on a subset of reads?

Thank you for your solutions. I have another question on the generation of demultiplexing results. I have ran three times of qiime demux summarize command using same demux.qza file, yet the quality scores were differ from each other. Is it ascribed to random sampling? When I was analyze the interactive plot, i noticed that the quality score on the graph and downloaded csv file were differ though it was at the same position. For instance, i hook the position of 105th, the median score displayed 38 online, but it shown 28 score in the downloaded csv file. May i know which score data should i refer to?

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There is a note inside that visualization, below the Q score plot, which says it all:

These plots were generated using a random sampling of 10000 out of 263878 sequences without replacement. The minimum sequence length identified during subsampling was 152 bases. Outlier quality scores are not shown in box plots for clarity.

So yes, there is a random sample being taken each time, hence the random variation you are seeing.

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