Documentation updates

Search through QIIME2 documentation was always frustrating for me due to the following reasons:

  • Google search outputs results from the most popular version - not the most recent one.
  • Redirect links to the newest version and opens a landing page instead of the section I am interested in.

How to improve the user experience:

  • Only the most recent version should be shown in Google results.
  • Redirect links should direct to the same section of docs in the newest version.

Hope this can be implemented with a relatively low effort :slight_smile:



Alas, we've certainly tried, although it hasn't really worked:

For the dev docs we have a better approach (requiring a rather involved nginx config), which provides headers for the cannonical address which is latest when a document/resource exists, and the current page when it doesn't. As far as I can tell, google likes this approach much better.

It's also likely that we're going to transition a lot of these materials to jupyter book in the future so we have a bad habit of just letting it be.