docker installation failure "certificate has expired or is not yet valid"

Because I failed to install qiime via conda, I tried docker to install qiime2 on CentOS7.
The error messages appeared when I pull the docker image.

"(base) [10:26:29] ccchen ➜ ~» docker pull Quay
Trying to pull repository Quay ...
2022.8: Pulling from Quay
42c077c10790: Pulling fs layer
1a23c9d790a3: Pulling fs layer
22a6fc63b9b5: Pulling fs layer
42b7f294ddbd: Waiting
206e727c2a9c: Waiting
3d51d16b3fd6: Waiting
error pulling image configuration: Get x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid"

I've checked and updated my machine time with ntpdate.
How to solve the problem?

Have you tried restarting Docker Daemon completely?


Thank you Valentyn
I've regenerated the cert and restarted the docker. It works!


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