Docker image with QIIME and Jupyter

Hi! I am wondering if there is a Docker image (qiime + jupyterlab)? If not, is there a Dockerfile for the qiime2 Docker image? I am working with folks at CyVerse to get the latest version updated to run on our Atmosphere. Thanks!

Have you seen this?

That one doesn’t have QIIME2 and Jupyter Lab together in a dockerfile.

The beauty of Docker is that you can layer images together! Take the QIIME 2 image as a base, then layer on the changes for JupyterLab. You can do that by building a new Dockerfile that indicates the QIIME 2 image as the FROM value:

FROM qiime2/core:2018.11
FROM jupyter/minimal-notebook


Hope that helps! :t_rex:

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That can be a bit complicated to use, see:

I would probably recommend just installing QIIME 2 ontop of the Jupyter base image. Jupyter should have the more complex configuration anyhow and it comes with conda.

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