[DISCUSSION] Microbiome Bioinformatics with QIIME 2 @ FAES, January 4-8 2021

This topic is for discussion and questions regarding the January 2021 FAES QIIME 2 Workshop:

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I registered and paid for the workshop in October, but was unable to attend it due to personal matters. Can my registration and fees be rolled froward to the January workshop?

Hi @rwwalker, I am sorry you weren’t able to attend the October 2020 workshop. Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to apply your prior registration fees - we aren’t the hosts of this January 2021 workshop, [email protected] is, so the payment system is out of our hands. They have several price points, you can see them at https://faes.org/events/BIOF089.jan2021

We are planning on publishing the YT videos from the October 2020 workshop in early 2021, so keep an eye open for that!

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For the workshop, is there a preference for a Mac, Windows or Linux operating system?
What pre-requisite knowledge is required?

Hi @thermokarst, how will the tickets sale work for the January edition of the workshop? Will it be similar to the October one? Or will we be able to get them without caring about time zones?

I’m really hoping to secure myself a spot for this one :slight_smile:


Hi @Saba_NTU!

No preference - attendees will not be installing QIIME 2 on their computers, instead, we will be using a network server to all work on.

This course aims to familiarize attendees with the basics of conducting a marker gene survey. Some CLI experience is helpful, but not required.

Please see https://faes.org/events/BIOF089.jan2021 for more details. This workshop is hosted by the [email protected] - pricing, ticket sales, etc are established and run by FAES, not the QIIME 2 team. We have worked with FAES several times in the past and really enjoy putting on workshops with them.

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