Difficulty knowing how to use Qiime2 for metagenomic sequence analysis.

Good evening jphagen,
Please forgive my intrusion, but am desperately in need of help.
I have gone through the tutorial on moving picture and Atacama soil Microbiome project and was able to complete every step now I have been trying to used my own samples but constantly fail. The sequence I have doesn't come with a separate barcode zip file nor did it come with a metadata document. It's a metagenomics sample (DNA sequences from poultry droppings) (most say am new to all of this, so I may be a little confused at times).
My challenge is that I can go to the point of Qiime tool import to get a qza file after that i get stocked. Now from the tutorial the nxt step for a multiplex sample should be demultiplexing but I keep getting an error message (I attached a screenshot of the error message). I've tried jumping the step to trim, but I still get error. I can't do other analysis because I don't have the files needed for them, please help as I really need Qiime for my project work.
Thank you sir.

Hi @Louis,
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