Designing a new plugin for qiime2

Hello, my team is trying to work on a plugin for qiime2. We tried to use versioneer from github for the setup as other plugins do, but it keeps giving error: configparser.NoOptionError: No option ‘vcs’ in section: ‘versioneer’. I was wondering how other designers fixed this problem.

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Hi @gcj13 - I’m not sure what that error is about, but versioneer is not required for building a QIIME 2 plugin. The core QIIME 2 team uses versioneer because it lets us handle mass updating of versions by using git tags, but you can also just as easily set a __version__ module attribute (like most other python projects do) and call it a day.


If you want a hand, just let one of us know here - point us at a repo and we can assist.