Demux outputting zipped files, can't visualize


I'm attempting to demultiplex my data and want to visualize the output qzv file. However, it's coming out as a zipped file, and when I unzip it, its no longer a .qzv file. Is there a way to unzip these files in qiime2?

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.qzv is a special format for Visualization, they are not supposed to be unzipped. You can use CLI command qiime tools view to open them. They will contain graphic visualizations as well as a graph of data provenance.
Additionally, all .qzv files can be viewed using an online browser that is available at This facilitates sharing of data and graphs between people in team.


Thank you!

I can open the .qzv files using the terminal, but they won't open when I try to use the qiime visualizer, is this an issue with my browser? Or maybe my OS (using Ubuntu)?

I am not able to help if I don't know the details of the issue.
You shouldn't be able to properly open .qzv in a terminal, because .qzv is supposed to render a webpage with a layer of HTML.
Please, provide more detais.

Sorry, I just meant that I can view them using the CLI command `qiime tools view to open them. But when I try to drag the files into the online viewer at ( it says that they aren't .qzv files

Hey @jessimya,

I agree with @crusher083 that we probably need more details. Could you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing with q2view? It sounds like your visualization generally works, but it's unclear what's going wrong in the browser afterwards.

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