Demultiplexing to generate quality data has error of input. any help?

My sequences are demultiplexed but as the pipeline recommends, I need to run demux for quality control. I run this code and get this error. I tried to play around the code but in vain! Thanks a lot

qiime demux summarize
–i-data demux/Users/hebahussein/Desktop/paired-end-demux.qza
–o-visualization demux/Users/hebahussein/Desktop.qzv

the error:
Invalid value for “–i-data”: 'demux/Users/hebahussein/Desktop/paired-

end-demux.qza’ is not a valid filepath

After - i-data demux there should be a space. Same for - o-visualization demux, there should be a space after demux. Could you please run the commands with space included and see what happens?


thanks for help but same error (1/2) Invalid value for “–i-data”: ‘demux’ is not a valid filepath

(2/2) Got unexpected extra arguments (/Users/hebahussein/Desktop/paired-end-

demux.qza /Users/hebahussein/Desktop.qzv)

Hi @HebaHussein-1981,

It looks like you’re having a path issue: you’re using a relative address and this folder doesn’t exist:
demux/Users/hebahussein/Desktop/paired-end-demux.qza. That’s what the error message said:

Invalid value for “–i-data”: 'demux/Users/hebahussein/Desktop/paired-

end-demux.qza’ is not a valid filepath

Reviewing a unix tutorial might help you understand paths better, since it seems like a lot of your issues are around paths.