Deleting previous versions of QIIME2 from VirtualBox


I'm planning to remove the previous versions of QIIME2 that are installed on my VirtualBox. Before I delete them, I just wanted to ask these questions:

  1. Removing the previous versions shouldn't affect my ability to access data, correct? I have a shared folder
  2. Does removing the previous versions affect my ability to open/run older script? For instance, if I have script for qiime-2018, would I need to run a 2018 version of QIIME2? I imagine if I did need to use an older version, I could just re-install a 2018 version of QIIME2 onto the VirtualBox, right?

Please let me know if anything needs clarification. Thank you!

Hello and welcome to the forum!

  1. Removing older versions of Qiime2 will not affect your ability to access the data from your older analysis.
  2. In that case you will need to make minor modifications to some of the commands, but mostly you will be able to run it (for example, names of alpha diversity metrics inside of corresponding artifacts changed).
    Also, if your purpose is to rerun older data (for example, analysed with versions 2018/2019), in some cases it would be better to start from raw reads (but it is your decision to make).

Thanks! This helps and you're right - it would be better to start from raw reads when rerunning older data.

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