Data Provenance methodology details request

I need some help in understanding the methodology

“TaxonomicClassifier and FeatureData[Sequence] inputs contain
independent provenance (red and blue, respectively) and are provided
to a classify action (yellow), which taxonomically annotates
sequences. The result of the classify action, a FeatureData[Taxonomy]
result, integrates the provenance of both inputs with the classify

as explained in Fig 2 of

Would you have any video or teaching material that will help me
understand the approach. I’m just looking for some basic understanding
on how data provenance was designed/developed.

Hi, @anirbanghosh, and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Firstly, if you use the search functionality at, you can search for “provenance” to see where it is discussed in our documentation. Here are the search results for your convenience: provenance search results.

Secondly, you will find more information geared towards developers at

Let us know if you have any more specific questions!

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You may also find the Semantic types and data formats in QIIME 2 talk helpful, @anirbanghosh.

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