da-barplot in Galaxy for ANCOM-BC


I have completed my ANCOM-BC analysis to get a .qza following the Moving Pictures Tutorial. I am using Qiime2 on the galaxy interface (usegalaxy.org). It says to use the 'composition da-barplot' tool but this does not appear in the toolbox in galaxy. Is there another way to visualise and analyse my ANCOM-BC results through galaxy? Thanks in advance for your response and time!

Welcome to the forums, Alex! :qiime2:

I checked to make sure that the command was included in the version of Qiime2 running on Galaxy.

You can see what version Galaxy has installed here:

So I checked the docs for da-barplot and this function is included in 2023.5!

And it is!

Strange... Perhaps this is a bug with Galaxy.org.

Would you be willing to reach out to them and report back here?

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Thankyou for your response. I have reached out to Galaxy and will respond here with any further info.

Thanks again,

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Someone on the galaxy forum mentioned that this tool may be available with an update and that it is unclear why it wasn't installed in previous packages. Too look at the full response: da-barplot for Qiime2 visuaisation of ANCOM-BC - #2 by jennaj - usegalaxy.org support - Galaxy Community Help

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Thank you Alex,

Thank you for connecting these two forums!

It sounds like the Galaxy devs are waiting for us to update our GitHub - qiime2/galaxy-tools: Official QIIME 2 tools for Galaxy package before they can install this new update?

What do they need from us to install this update?

Until then, have you considered installing and using Qiime2 directly? It's not too hard to do:

And we have comprehensive guides on how to do stuff, including ANCOM-BC