CZI-CABANA Workshop discussion thread

Anyone registered for the workshop?

Hi @thermokarst!
thank you very much. silence is golden

@thermokarst It’s after the opening time for sale, but no tickets at all. weird.

Hi friends,
I have been starring at the websites for 25 minutes and the registration link is still unavailable, hope it available soon. Thank you

The registration form appeared 4 minutes after opening but then it crashed when I tried to submit my registration. Since then, I’ve seen no more opportunities to register.

hello, I am in Central time and the registration is supposed to open at this time. However the link didn’t take me to the registration page. I kept taking me the the same announcement page. Can you please help? Thank you.

Hello everyone,

I started refreshing the registration page at the minute it opened and have only seen the registration once then a Server Error message returned after I tried to sign up. Then the registration entry disappeared again.

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Hi all! I don’t find the link either and have tried to update the page every minute the last 15 minutes.

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I also tried clicking on the link but there is no place to register.

It’s really a pessimistic behaviour. They announce a new schedule but don’t go forward in a right way.

I’m also very confused about this. Apparently, UTC 12:00 pm was now. But i don’t see any links.

Hi, I tried to submit my registration and then I got a 500 Server Error message. Now I can’t register again. Can you help?

Is the registration open now?

Did you get the link for registration?

The registration opened promptly on time, and sold out in just a few minutes! I am sorry if you missed it!

I tried refreshing and when I tried registering it crashed and then said it was sold out :frowning:

No it did not, I’m waiting whole time

I am just in front of my PC since the time starts…I didn’t see any link.

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Are the other times now pointless? Are there no tickets left at all? Seems like the whole world wants to learn Qiime. No wonder it has 21000 citations!

exactly the same here