Correlations using q2

HI :slight_smile:

Trying to find the right way to perform correlation analysis between features of 2 sample sets.

will be grateful for some advice

thanks alot!

Hi @Adi,
Your question may be a duplicate of this one or this one.

or possibly this one.

Short answer: QIIME 2 has various plugins for performing regression and correlation analyses, but it depends on what you are trying to correlate. The topic links will cover various options.

Thank you @Nicholas_Bokulich!

I saw those topics but I couldn’t find the right method for what i’m trying to do…
I have 2 different samples from each individual and I want to check if I have specific OTU in one sample how it is correlate to other OTU in the other sample.

Thanks again!

Hi @Adi,
Check out evaluate-composition. That action is intended for comparing observations to a ground-truth (e.g., the expected composition of a mock community) but can be used to compare any two sets of samples.

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