Copy the plot in high-resolution

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How can I copy/ download the plot or the picture with high quality version from the page? Or how can I import it to word or ...?

On top of the page there are three options: bars, legend and CSV for downloading, but the first two options are unclear after downloading and the third is excel sheet.


Can you clarify what you mean by are unclear? Have you tried downloading them because those are exactly what you are asking for actually. The SVG(bar) will download the barplot in svg format while the SVG(legend) will download the legend in .svg format. If those are not good enough quality for your need then you can remake those using the the raw data you download in the .csv file.

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Thanks @Mehrbod_Estaki

Could you please tell me how can do that?

You have answered this question yourself, @Mehrdad:

If you mean how to remake, well, you can do that in R or even Excel… take your pick. Just open in excel and use the “make a barplot” function.

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Yes the quality of the plots are so poor! I provided the photos you judge! I did not have any experience how to remark or retrieve plot! by mentioning R and excel the penny dropped!


The quality of the plots is fine. The checker marks indicate transparency. Open in adobe illustrator, inkscape, or another imagine manipulation program that is actually intended for working with SVG format. We cannot provide specific support for working with image manipulation software.


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