convert rarefaction curve artifact into pdf


I have plotted a rarefaction curve in qiime2.Can i export it as pdf to be used in my publication?

@Tahseen_Abbas, are you talking about an alpha-rarefaction plot like this one? I’m pretty sure that visualization doesn’t have an export function, because rarefaction curves are used primarily for diagnostic purposes during data analysis. They’re great for helping you figure out at what level you can best rarefy your data, but most people don’t use them for more than that.

If you do want to publish your alpha-rarefaction plot, you might be able to screen capture and trace using a good vector graphics program, or qiime tools export the data in your .qzv, and use your preferred graphing tool to plot it.

Sorry if that’s not a great solution!
Chris :chicken:

edit: There’s also a download csv button which will let you download the data for a given diversity measure from the vizualization itself. :slight_smile:

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