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qiime composition ancom compares the specified grouping types and calculates the difference. One batch of data is completed in a very short time, and the other batch of data has no results for a whole day. The code is not wrong, and the server should be fine. I want to ask where The problem?

Good morning, @No.77,

Ancom can take a long time! While it's running, you could check on the resource usage on that node of the server and see if

  1. there is still CPU usage from the qiime2 ancom script and
  2. there is still memory available for your job

If the plugin froze or crashed silently, we would see no CPU activity. If the plugin used up all the memory, it would slow way down, but still not crash.

Let us know what you find, or if you need a hand checking on the server.

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Dear Colinbrislawn,
Thanks for your help .I have solved this problem.
Best wishes~

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