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Good morning! I have two samples of water filtered by different size filter and, since similar results are obtained, I would like to combine them to analyze the beta diversity of these combined samples compared to others. Is there a plugin that allows me to do it?

Hi @gaudy93,
Can you please give us a bit more information about your current set up.
Are these 2 samples in QIIME 2 already? Are they in table format? If so, you can use feature-table merge to combine them.

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Yeah I ran all the pipeline (included alpha beta, permanova, taxonomy assignment…) Could I use table from dada2 to combine that sample with that plugin? Thank you.

Yes, you can can use the feature-table-merge to combine the outputs (table.qza of both runs) of dada2.

I think I have explained myself wrong. I have a set of samples together already in this table, what I want is to combine two of them in only one.

Please see

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Thank you. I check it, but I have the problem that only function with FeatureTable [frecuencies] and only with that I cannot continue with the alpha diversity and beta diversity

I don’t follow - you can take any table that has been output by feature-table group and use that for downstream steps, like alpha and beta diversity.

If you continue to have issues please provide us with:

  • the exact command or commands run (copy and paste)
  • the complete error message when run with --verbose flag


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