Checking Qiime 2 version number and updating

My question is that how can I check which qiime2 version am I using? My university loaded up a virtual machine to our server and I would like to understand which version it is (in order to avoid bugs that have been found so far). Also, how can I update the virtual machines version? Thank you!

qiime --version


qiime info

You would just install the latest version. Follow the installation instructions from step 2.

I hope that helps!

So there is no other possibility than installing it again? The problem is that it was installed to my university server and I cannot do any installation there myself, thought that maybe it is possible just to update it.


Contact your server administrator and request that they install the latest version (note, a new release is coming this week so wait until next week to do this :wink: ).

Thanks a ton! Appreciate it


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