check whether the website of installing QIIME in Linux is working

Hi there,
I have installed miniconda. When insatalling QIIME2 using “wget”; it suggested “can not open”.I have tried this website in browser, but it does not work. So I want to check if this website works normally. Thank you.

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Hi @alice_wang,
Welcome to the forum!
The link you provided works fine for me. Note that wget is simply downloading a .yaml file, not installing QIIME 2 itself. The installation happens in the next step when you conda install and it basically uses the .yaml file as a instruction manual.
Can you describe to us exactly what you have done so far that is giving you installation issues? Including the operating system you are using, the exact commands you have typed, and the the exact error message you are seeing (copy & paste all of these please).

Hi Mehrbod,
Thanks for your reply. I used Ubuntu v18.08 to install qiime 2.
The detailed error is Resolving Name or service not known; wget: unable to resolve host address ''


Hi @alice_wang,
Thanks for the update. If you can’t open the URL regularly on your browser (which I believe you said you couldn’t) it is possible that your requests are being denied by a firewall, either institutional or sometimes country-wide. I would get in touch with your system admin to see how you can get access to this.
Keep us posted!

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Hello Mehrbod,
I have shut down the firewall and connected the But when resolving, the connection failed. The detailed error is attached. Could you help me to check it ? Thank you very much.

Hi @alice_wang - can you re-run the command, but this time include the --verbose flag? That might help point us in the right direction. Thanks!

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