Changing sample ID in feature table and repset artifacts for merging purposes

Hi all,

I have been using QIIME2 for some time, and now currently running the 2019.1 version.

In my current project, I will need to merge the results from data2 from three Illumina runs. I have done everything up the merging step. However, upon merging, I realize an identical sample ID was used in two datasets, so getting an error message from QIIME2 saying it was a problem and I would need to fix it. I still want to include both results after merging, so I guess I will have to rename one of them, i.e., sampleX in dataset1, and sampleXRepeat in dataset 2.

Is there any way that I can change the sample ID permanently in the feature table and repset artifacts for this purpose? I searched through the forum, and saw a post about using the meta table and create a column for regrouping. I don’t think this can help with my issue.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


That solution will work for you (I believe this is the post you are referring to). If each sample is assigned a unique value in that metadata column, it will relabel those sample IDs rather than actually grouping them — a neat trick and will solve your problem.

Good luck!

Yep! And, just to mention:

I suspect you are referring to the FeatureData[Sequence] created alongside the FeatureTable[Frequency]? If so, no need to worry about relabeling — that data type is not aware of samples.

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