Can't view QZV Files in Firefox or Chrome

I am using two separate computers for QIIME2. None of them support .qzv files on firefox or chrome.
Every time I have put command qiime tools view to see results
I reinstalled firefox but still it is not opening .qzv files

Hi @drmusk - can you please provide some more info to help us figure out your issue?

  • Can you provide the exact, complete, command that you are running?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of the issue/error?

We don't have a lot of great documentation on viewing visualizations (yet), but there is a nice little blurb in the Moving Pictures Tutorial:

Also, have you tried viewing your visualizations at


Dear Dr Dillon

I am sorry I could not express my concern correctly. qiime tools view is working fine with me. Actually I am using this to see .qzv files.
I wanted to ask that .qzv files should by default open in firefox or chrome in our computer by double clicking. But that they don’t work. Not work for my 2 computer. Everytime I have to see my results, I have to go back and use command qiime tools view.

I reinstalled firefox but didn’t work.

Dear Dr Dillon
htps:// is a great alternative and it worked. Thanks.

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