Can't see faith-pd-group qzv plot in qiime2 view

Hi all,

Anyone get an issue with not being able to see their diversity plots? In my case, I can't see the faith-pd qzv file that I obtained following the code from the moving pictures tutorial. I didn't get any errors in the terminal, but when I drag the file to qiime2 I get this (hopefully you can see this pic, if not I basically get a results page without the barplot.

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Hi everyone,

I have the same issue in my computer (using Qiime2 in Virtualbox - version 2018.2). On the other hand, I can see the plots with no issues when I use the view function directly from the cli (qiime tools view faith-pd-group-significance.qzv).


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@Sam_Degregori, can you please share your QZV that produced this screenshot? If you can’t share publically please send in a private message to me. Thanks!

Can you see the plot at this link? Can you see it on your host OS’s web browser? Can you see it inside your virtual machine?

Hi Matthew,

I can see the link fine. Here is the actual file:
faith-pd-group-significanceHC.qzv (358.5 KB)

Hi @Sam_Degregori - this looks like it is related to a recently discovered bug in q2view (the code that runs We have an open issue here. In the meantime you can use qiime tools view to view locally. Sorry for the inconvenience! :t_rex:

@thermokarst so this weird thing occurs where if I leave the tab in chrome open and put my computer to sleep, the next day the tab shows my diversity plots. Magic?

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Absolutely :sparkler:

I honestly don’t have a good explanation for why putting it to sleep fixes things. In any case, hopefully we’ll have that bug fixed by next release. In the meanwhile, if you remove the space from your metadata column label things should work again (or use qiime tools view which isn’t impacted).

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