cant save heatmap in SVG format from mmvec plugin

I am using mmvec qiime2 plugin and i have an issue,
If you see my heatmap, log scale and metabolite names are interfering with each other. Since qiime2 view is giving me only PDF format to save, i can't edit it. Is there any way to save it in an SVG format? i couldn't find the option.
I looked for similar questions in the forum but didn't work for me.

Hi, could you share a .qzv file? That’s strange

Please find the attached qzv file,

NT_ranks-heatmap_label.qzv (568.7 KB)

Thanks for quick response,

Hi, looks like the problem with heatmap visualization.
I think that you can solve it or by reducing the dataset, or by redrawing it outside Qiime2

@mortonjt - can you comment on this when you get time? Thanks!

You should be able to open up the pdf file in software like inkscape – that would allow you to save to svg.


Inkscape worked,

Thanks Jamie @mortonjt ,


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