Cannot see what I should see in QIIME view?


I have just started to work with QIIME and currently I am going through the atacama-soil-tutorial. SO far I haven't had any problems performing any of the steps, but I think I am having trouble viewing the data on

I have generated the demux-subsample.qza file myself. Upon trying to visualize the data in QIIME I only get a "details" tab and "provenance" tab. However, the tutorial asks you to explore the data saying the following.

"In the “Per-sample sequence counts” table on the “Overview” tab, there are 75 samples in the data. If we look at the last 20 or so rows in the table, though, we will observe that many samples have fewer than 100 reads in them"

There is no Overview tab visible for me and I can't find any info about this file in QIIME view. What I can see is what I have uploaded here:

. Does anyone know why I can't see what I should see? I also tried clicking on the example file in the tutorial but also there I can't find any overview tab. Both google and firefox show the same thing, without any overwiew tab!

Does anyone know what could be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Kiime96!

It looks like you opened the wrong file, take a look at the line just before where you quoted:

Let’s take a look at the summary in demux-subsample.qzv.

Notice that in your screenshot you opened demux-subsample.qza.

Open up the qzv file and you should be good to go. In general, I suggest you pay careful attention to the tutorials - they are all automatically tested and verified.


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all right, I see.
Thank you

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