Cannot open heatmap saved as sgv


I created an heatmap with the command qiime feature-table heatmap. Then I open the qzv file in qiime2 view (online) and click on Download SVG. Another tab is created with the image. In Firefox I save the page as “Web page, SVG only” to create an SVG file. Problem is that Inkscape cannot open such file. What am I doing wrong?
I tried also with Chrome but it cannot save the image

Thank you


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Can you link us to the qvz and we can try to download it?

Hi Ben, thanks for helping.
Here it is. The file is too big to be uploaded here. Here is a link

I sent you a request to get access. Ben

edit: it's huge, that may be part of it -

Svg link

What i did: I let it load, right click --> save as --> page source (changes it to save as SVG) it's chewing through my laptop right now and I'm uploading the SVG into illustrator (but it's taking a long time to load). If it ever loads on my illustrator, I'll compress and upload.

edit 2: The SVG is about 41 megs, maybe prune some of the samples/taxa (especially the low abundance / 0 relative abundance). Maybe find the beefiest computer you can find and a little patience can extract the file (it's slowing my laptop down)

edit 3: I'm pulling it on our monster computer and seeing if it'll look better.

edit 4: The SVG is so large it doesn't fit on the canvas on illustrator and when you auto adjust the artboard it doesn't fit either (because it doesn't fit on the canvas). I can open it just fine but you need to prune the data, the data at least on a 2015 MacBook pro is unanalyzable.



Thanks a lot for your support and help @ben!
Definitely I can reduce the size of the heatmap. The strange thing to me is that Inkscape simply tells me that it cannot open the file so I thought it was a procedural issue in the generation of the SVG file. But actually I did the same way as you did…

I'm thinking that maybe Inkscape has contraints, Illustrator may be a bit more forgiving, however we're running things on an iMac Pro and it's lagging even on this, so regrettably it may be difficult to assess the SVG given its size.

Ok, here's what I had to do:

  1. Upload it in photoshop
  2. Export as 25% GIF
  3. I have PDF that's a 66 meg file
  4. I have a PNG file that's a 21 meg file let me know if you want them I'll send them to you via dropbox or whatever service you want
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