Cannot download PDFs - Failed- No file

Hi there,

I used to be able to download the PDFs, but I’m getting ‘Failed - No file’ on a all PDFs now. I noticed it on the Longitudinal Volatility Example QZV but it seems to be reproducible for any of my own graphs as well. Is this reproducible for you all? I can’t imagine what I did that would cause this. :slight_smile: Thank you.

Hey @Jennifer_Fouquier,

Are you right-clicking and saving the pdf as a certain file name? That causes a known bug which needs to be fixed in Chrome/Firefox.

Hi @ebolyen. I tried right clicking to save, and also using the download icon/symbol after clicking ‘Download as PDF’. Both will not save the PDF. Yes, I’m on Chrome. I am saving screenshots for the time being. :blush:

@Jennifer_Fouquier as a workaround, you can also use “print” and then “save as pdf” to save without taking a screenshot on chrome.


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