Can anyone explain the interactive quality plots?

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After reading the tutorial, I imported my data to Qiime 2 pipeline following the workflow given in the tutorial. The analysis was smooth however I reached a step, where I could not move forward. I put the Qiime demux summary command and got "demux.qzv" file. I uploaded the file into Qiime 2 view and got two interactive plots for the forward and reverse reads. I use the mouse cursor to zoom out and zoom in and saw a world of small whisker box plots. On Y axis, there is a quality score and the colour of whisker box blots is black in the middle while the upper and lower portion are dashed lines and on the x-axis, there were about 300 sequence bases. Offcourse next step is **

** but before I need to put a command to trim the left and right side of my forward and reverse reads. Which value I should use to trim length and trim right. If I choose 280 left and 0 right, the question is why? I am attaching the quality plots with some colourful questions? Please find and suggest trimming length as well as give me reasons why are you suggesting that trimming length.

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Hi @Khaknasheen

An useful and related thread to read to resolve your questions on q2-demux summary:

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