bioenv statistical output

I hve used qiime diversity bioenv to test for metadata variables that could explain 16S-based distance matrices. The correlation values (Rho) seem to indicate some factors that are promising (above 0.5), but there is no statistics associated to these results. I am used to bioenv as implented in other statistical tools (e.g. Primer7), and there I get a bit more output (see example below). Is there a chance to get more details out of q2 diversity bioenv?

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Example output from bioenv in Primer7:
Global Test
Sample statistic (Rho): 0,411
Significance level of sample statistic: 0,8%
Number of permutations: 999 (Random sample)
Number of permuted statistics greater than or equal to Rho: 7

Hi @arwqiime!

Unfortunately not. If you are interested in contributing to this visualization we would love some help!

Let us know!


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