Beta diversity: within and between group calculation

For beta diversity analysis I would like to calculate within vs between or between vs between. the result that I getting using the beta_group_significance command (at the bottom of the page) are what? between vs. between?
and how can I calculate the other options?

Hello Atara,


There are some examples of this in the Moving Picture tutorial.

I hope this helps!


Thank you for your answer, I understand this part, I would like to know what the significant result at the bottom of the page represent? between vs between ?
what those results ( the significant table at the bottom) telling me?
I hope I explained myself better now

Ah OK. The pairwise permanova results at the bottom of the page compares between Group 1 and Group 2, and tests to see if they are statistically significantly different.

If you want to post an example, I can explain it in more detail. Or we can have a real statistician explain more.


the between-group distances and dispersion are larger than the within-group distances and dispersion.

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