Beta Diversity Barplots in Qiime2? (Bray Curtis Distance Plot with Metadata variables, etc.)


Is there a way to generate bar plots for beta diversity in Qiime2? I would specifically like to see a bray cutis distance plot for each one of my metadata variables. Thanks!


The beta-group-significance command sounds the closest to what you are looking for. It generates a box-and-whisker plot that shows the distance between each category in a metadata column that you provide. Check it out in action in this tutorial.

Running core-metrics-phylogenetic generates a PCoA plot for each measurement method. You can color the points by metadata column in using 'color(tab) -> scatter(drop-down)'. Here is link to the Bray-Curtis visualization in one of our tutorials.

Finally, you always have the option of unzipping the artifact that contains your distance matrix, getting the matrix out of the data folder, and using whatever program you want to generate your plot.


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