best method for importing my data

I have a basic question, I have demultiplexed data generated from MiSeq PE300 run and I would like to know which of the following method is better for importing.

  1. CASAVA 1.8 format
  2. Manifest format.

Thank you


Hi @amm59063,
I recommend reading the online tutorials at to understand formatting concerns when importing.

The manifest format is the most flexible so if in doubt just use that format for importing your data.

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Thanks @Nicholas_Bokulich

I use the CASAVA 1.8 format, I wanted to know is there any advantages over the other one. I have attached the picture of my data.

Thanks again.

Hi @amm59063,

So use the casava 1.8 format importer

if you don’t have data in casava 1.8 format

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Thanks, I was little confused


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