Beginners trouble, shared folder

Hi there!
Your forum is pretty interesting and useful, so I need to say in advance that my topic won’t be so interesting for most of you, sorry but I really need help!
I am a very beginner at the Virtual box and Qiime2 too (and 1 as well).
I followed a tutorial on youtube to install both of them, but on my virtual machine desktop, I can’t see any folder while in the tutorial two of them appeared automatically, right after the installation, called Shared_Folder and before_you_start.
Does anybody know why?
I need to say that from the device option seems that I created a shared_folder but I cannot see it on the desktop.
I don’t know if this could influence this issue, to create my virtual machine I’ve used as virtual hard disk file the following:
QIIME 2 Core - 2017.9 (1506979645)-disk001 Virtual Disk format
and now I’ve realized that there is another file in the Qiime unzipped folder that is: QIIME 2 Core - 2017.9 (1506979645) Open virtualization format
Does it fit in the topic?

Thanks to everybody for your attention and your help!
I know my topic may seem hilarious but I am a very very beginner!

Hi @chiara!

Not a problem, welcome to the QIIME 2 community!

I'm guessing you're watching the old QIIME 1 VirtualBox videos. I don't even know if those work for QIIME 1 anymore, they are way outdated. The QIIME 2 VirtualBox images (and install instructions) are totally separate from the QIIME 1 VirtualBox, so please disregard those videos and follow the QIIME 2 VirtualBox guide. I recommend starting over and following that guide -- please follow up here if you have any issues.

Note: I'm building the newest 2017.10 VirtualBox image right now, it may be available today. You may want to hold off on installing the QIIME 2 VirtualBox until the newest version is available. I'll follow up here when it's ready!


The QIIME 2 Virtual Machines are now available! We have QIIME 2 2017.10 available on AWS, Docker, and VirtualBox, please see the docs for more information.

@chiara can you try out the newest VirtualBox image following the guide I linked to above? Let us know how it goes!

thanks for your reply, I found out I was getting confused by a qiiime1 tutorial now I have solved the problem!
Thank you!


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