Basic error from beginner?

Hey guys, I am new user from Qiime2 without any experience and kind of lost with the most basic things. After checking other posts I think I have a problem on the library installation or the folder where it is.
I have a Mac. I downloaded the last version of VirtualBox and run ubuntu on it. Then in Mac I downloaded the qiime2 2017-12 version, and open de .dms file so it runs the installation directly in virtual box. Everything went ok.
In the settings I shared a folder from my mac desktop.
I open Qiime2 from the virtual box and works. When I open a terminal it said the following (pasted so you can see the actual version):
(qiime2-2017.12) qiime2@qiime2core2017-12:~$

The problem is that I try to use and it says command not found. The same when I use and many other things.
I think there is a problem of the directory where it is everything install? How can I check it is correct or the folder I should work on?

Thanks and sorry to bother with basic things

Hi @Claudio! Since you’re using a Mac, I’d recommend following the QIIME 2 native installation guide instead of using the VirtualBox. Your analyses will run faster and you can avoid the need for shared folders, having to split resources between your host and guest operating systems, etc.

In either case (native install or VirtualBox), the and commands are QIIME 1 scripts. QIIME 2 has entirely different commands, and QIIME 1 scripts aren’t included with QIIME 2 installations.

I’d recommend getting started with QIIME 2 by working through the Getting Started guide. That’ll show you how to perform analyses in QIIME 2, which are quite a bit different from QIIME 1. If you need help, feel free to create new forum topic(s) with your questions.

Note: if you really need to use QIIME 1, you can install a separate conda environment on your Mac or within the VirtualBox following this QIIME 1 conda install guide. QIIME 1 isn’t officially supported anymore, so we can’t help you with installing or using QIIME 1. If you have QIIME 1 questions, you could try posting them on the QIIME 1 Forum, but note that it’s no longer officially monitored.

Thank you very much!! It sounds that I mix everything! I will begin from scratch again with the native one in Mac as recommended.

Very helpful. Thank you so much

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